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Saniyah goes to the zoo

Many people often wonder how they got to this place in their life where they feel loss of control or are barely able to hold on to the control of what is supposed to be their life. In this book Scott talks to the readers about how to get control of their life and live up to their full potential. Born a native to Indianapolis, Indiana Scott is no stranger to the hardships that ill the communities, veterans, and broken homes. Like so many Scott grew up without a relationship with his biological father causing him a difficult childhood, life struggles, and personal identity issues. After learning the tools to succeed in life Scott now helps people to break the cycles of hopelessness, despair, fear, and doubt. This book will show you that your story is not much different from others. It will show you how to use everything that has been a hindrance in your life as a tool to help you build the life you are supposed to have.

Many children face bullying because of their skin, their differences, or their abilities. Take a journey with Saniyah as she faces these situations and see how she overcomes and remain strong. This book is part of a series that will show your child how to find positive ways out of challenging situations through real-life lessons. It is perfect for a bed-time story, or any time you can share a life lesson with children.

Vision: The victory before the battle

$10.00 (Signed)